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Since the foundation of ShelterBox in 2000, we have responded to many disasters and conflicts, bringing emergency shelter to people who needed it most.

Here you can find information on some of our past responses grouped by country.

Learn more about where we’ve worked, how these disasters impacted people, and what ShelterBox did to help.

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Ukrainian woman in blue winter coat holds up solar light
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Dina's flat was damaged during an attack. She received a shelter kit to help her rebuild and a solar light (pictured).


We responded to the Ukraine crisis, helping more than 130,000 people affected by the war in Ukraine. We supported people displaced within Ukraine, as well as refugees who crossed the border into Moldova.

A great deal of our attention was on supporting people through the bitter winter months, by reaching people with essential items to help them survive.

People are living in damaged homes without heating or lighting. That’s why we provided thermal clothing, solar lights, water carriers and stoves with our partner, NNLPD.

We also worked with ReliefAid and Green Chernobyl to provide emergency shelter repair kits. These helped people fix damaged roofs, seal windows and doors, keep the heat in and make homes watertight.

Ukraine crisis
Woman sitting in the entrance of a tent in Morocco
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Yamna, aged 75, was the first to receive our aid package after the devastating earthquake in Morocco destroyed her home. Her tent was from our pre-positioned stock in Dubai.


A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco late on Friday 8th September 2023, 70km south of Marrakesh. It’s the strongest recorded in the region and was felt as far as Portugal and Algeria.

The earthquake hit just after 11pm local time, under the cover of darkness. Many people would have been asleep.

We responded to support people in the Atlas Mountains, where the largest impact from the earthquake was felt. Our response focussed on supplying emergency shelter and items to help people keep warm in the approaching winter.


Morocco Earthquake
Man and woman standing outside a tent after the Turkey earthquakes
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Nürgul and her husband Imam

Earthquakes in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria

In February 2023 a series of powerful earthquakes devastated southern Türkiye and northern Syria. Thousands of buildings collapsed, leaving people homeless in the middle of a bitter winter.

For our response in Türkiye we provided emergency tents. These sheltered not only people who lost their homes, but also those whose homes were damaged or were afraid to sleep indoors due to aftershocks. We also provided items such as blankets, stoves and mattresses to help people keep warm in the winter cold.


Turkey Earthquake 2023

Our past responses

mother and son sit in rubble after nepal earthquake

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