We responded to help people across several of the Caribbean islands impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

2 men in Dominica fixing a roof

Where is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is formed over 700 islands that are between Florida in the USA and the north coast of South America. Islands in the Caribbean include Barbados, Barbuda, Belize, the British Virgin Isles, Dominican, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Kitts and St Nevis.

The position of the Caribbean at the west of the Atlantic Ocean means that it can be affected by hurricanes. Hurricane season is June to November each year. It is thought that the climate crisis may make storms such as hurricanes more severe.

Our responses in the Caribbean

Man on top of timber frame for a building next to a ShelterBox tent

Caribbean hurricanes Irma and Maria 2017

In 2017, Category 5 Hurricane Irma caused devastation in the Caribbean, then Hurricane Maria brought a new wave of destruction. Find out how we helped.

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Woman smiling at camera next to a blue door on Dominica in the Caribbean

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