We responded to help people in Niger with emergency shelter after many people were forced to flee their homes due to complex crises in 2015-2018. This included attacks by Boko Haram, food insecurity and disasters.

We also responded in Niger due to flooding in 2012-2013, and in 2010.

Niger map

Where is Niger?

Niger is a landlocked country in northern Africa. To the northeast is Libya, and to the northwest Algeria.  The country also shares borders with Chad to the east and Nigeria to the south. To the west are Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali.

About 80% of Niger is in the Sahara desert. In the south the country has a more tropical climate. The country has suffered periodic droughts. This has led to food scarcity. Rainfall has also become more erratic, leading to severe storms or drought conditions. It is thought that the climate crisis is making these problems worse.

Our work in Niger

Woman and family outside in Niger

Niger complex crisis 2015

Niger was facing five major crises and was also vulnerable to cross-border attacks from Boko Haram. Discover how we helped.

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