We supported people with emergency shelter in Kenya after severe flooding in 2018.

We also responded there in 2010 due to flooding and 2011 due to drought.

women and children with a solar light in Kenya

Where is Kenya?

Kenya is in eastern Africa. To the north lie South Sudan and Ethiopia. Somalia and the Indian Ocean is to the east. Tanzania is to the south and Uganda to the west. 

Kenya has a range of climates, from arid to tropical. The country typically has two rainy seasons per year, one long and one short. However the crisis climate is impacting the pattern of rainfall. Sometimes this is causing flash flooding. It is also making droughts more likely.

Our work in Kenya

A woman constructing a home in Kenya

Kenya flooding

Devastating floods in Kenya in 2018 left families without a home. Find out more about what happened and meet some of the people we supported with aid.

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Woman standing in front of tents and next to a solar light in Kenya

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