We responded to help people with emergency shelter in Peru after flooding and landslides in 2017.

We also responded to flooding in 2010 to 2012.

Yolanda cooking in Peru 2017
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"We are cooking lunch for 100 people in the local community. We take it in turns to cook, so each day a different family cooks for the rest of the community." – Yolanda from Peru

Where is Peru?

Peru is in northern South America. It borders Ecuador to the northwest and Columbia to the northeast. Brazil and Bolivia lie to the east. Peru also shares a small southern border with Chile. The western coastline is on the Pacific Ocean. 

Peru has a range of climates, including deserts, mountains and rainforests. El Niño years can cause severe rainfall to impact parts of Peru that are typically arid deserts. This leads to a risk of flooding and landslides. 2017 was an El Niño year. Peru is thought to be vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis due to its tropical glaciers and long coastline.

Our work in Peru

Little girl sitting among rubble in Peru

Peru flooding

In March 2017, intense rains caused widespread flooding and landslides in Peru. See how your support helped families who needed it most.

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Flooded street in Peru

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