We responded to help people with emergency shelter after Super Cyclone Amphan struck in 2020. There was also flash flooding later that year.

We previously responded in India after flooding in 2013.

India map

Where is India?

India is in south Asia. It shares borders with Pakistan in the north-west, Nepal in the northeast, and Bangladesh in the east. Much of the country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. 

Parts of India can be flooded during monsoon season or severe storms. The country is also impacted by climate change. Heatwaves are becoming more common and the number of droughts is predicted to rise. If sea levels rise, a substantial part of the country will be underwater.

Our work in India

Woman wearing facemask carrying bag of aid on her head

India super cyclone Amphan 2020

What happened, who was affected and how did ShelterBox help? Find out everything you need to know about Cyclone Amphan here.

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Man with covered nose and mouth, carrying ShelterBox aid on his head

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