We responded to help people in need of shelter after the devastating earthquake that struck near the Atlas Mountains in 2023.

Whole villages in the mountains were left homeless after the earthquake destroyed homes.

Map of Morocco showing location of earthquake

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is in northwest Africa. To the east and southeast it shares a border with Algeria. To the south is the territory of the Western Sahara. Its coastline to the west is on the Atlantic Ocean. To the north is the Mediterranean Sea.

The north of Morocco has a hot summer Mediterranean climate. The south has a hot desert climate, being covered by the Sahara desert. The country is thought to be vulnerable to climate change due to its low-lying coastline being susceptible to sea-level rises. There is also concern of increased heatwaves, and impacts on agriculture. Parts of Morocco also lie close to the boundary between two tectonic plates, which can cause earthquakes.

Our response in Morocco

Woman sitting outside in a street at nighttime with sleeping bags around after an earthquake in Morocco.

Morocco earthquake

Learn about the 6.8m earthquake in Morocco and how ShelterBox supported thousands of people left homeless.

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ShelterBox tents in the mountains in Morocco following the earthquake there

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