We responded to support people in Paraguay with emergency shelter after severe flooding caused many to lose their homes in 2019.

We also responded to flooding in 2014 to 2016.

A young boy on a tricycle

Where is Paraguay?

Paraguay is a land-locked country in central South America. It borders Brazil to the north east and east. Argentina is to the south and Bolivia to the west. 

Paraguay has a mostly tropical or subtropical climate. The country can be impacted by strong winds. It can also be severely impacted by flooding due to heavy rainfall caused by El Niño. The flooding in 2019 was an El Niño year. Paraguay is considered vulnerable to climate change due to its reliance on agriculture.

Our work in Paraguay

Woman carrying child and aid in Paraguay

Paraguay flooding

Months of torrential rain caused severe flooding in Paraguay in 2019. ShelterBox supported families who lost their homes with emergency shelter

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Flooded road and damaged buildings in Paraguay

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