We responded to support people with emergency shelter after the severe earthquake in February 2023.

Woman standing next to damaged staircase outside a house in Turkey
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Dilek's house was very badly damaged in the earthquake. She was still waiting to hear if it needed to be pulled down due to being unsafe.

Where is Türkiye?

Türkiye is mainly in western Asia, with a small part of the country in Europe. To the west it shares borders with Bulgaria and Greece. To the east are Georgia, Armenia and Iran. To the southeast can be found Iraq and Syria. The rest of its southern border is on the Aegean Sea, while its northern coast is on the Black Sea. 

Much of Türkiye has a temperate climate. It is thought by scientists to be very vulnerable to climate change. Several tectonic plates have boundaries within Türkiye. This makes the country vulnerable to earthquakes.

Our work in Türkiye

Child being carried from rubble of building after earthquake in Syria

Turkey earthquake 2023

ShelterBox responded to the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey (Türkiye) and northern Syria. Discover key facts about the disaster

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