You help create strong foundations

Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. It’s the foundation for life, for families, for communities, for peace.

When disasters and conflicts rob people of their homes, we can’t wave a magic wand to replace what was lost, but we can provide people with the tools to start the process of their own recovery.


Using our shelter kits and tarpaulins, families can create a home after disaster. Our blankets, solar lights, cooking sets and mats offer a sense of comfort and relief, giving people space to heal from physical and emotional trauma.

Your support provides shelter that protects families from burning heat, bitter cold, dangerous animals and disease, and so much more.

Read the powerful stories of people your support has helped below.

Why support ShelterBox?

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in emergency shelter after disaster. We often work in places that others don’t, making sure that we reach families who need support to take the next step in resuming their livelihoods.

From Cameroon to Syria, all the way to the Philippines and the Caribbean, we have provided shelter to over 2.5 million people so far. And in these uncertain times, your support is more valuable than ever.

We won’t stop until we see a world where no family goes without shelter after disaster. Will you help us?

Families you are helping

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