The conflict in Ukraine has left over 13 million people displaced.

Together with out partners, we’re working to support people who have fled the country, but also those within Ukraine.

Items like mattresses, shelter kits, blankets and solar lights are helping people survive the conflict that is still ongoing, months after it started.

We’re supporting people like Olga and Dina – read their story here.

A woman wearing a winter coat and a beanie.
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“The most terrible night”

Olga and Dina are more than neighbours, sharing a friendship that developed over many years of living next to each other.

They have lived in their apartment block for forty years now. When the war started, they stayed in their homes until March 4, 2022, when they had to leave. Sitting outside their apartment, they told ReliefAid, our partner in Ukraine, what they went through.

“It was the most terrible night here. Grads* were shooting from here and from there (either side). There were eight grad vehicles nearby and some from the other side, we were in the basement.

“All the building was shaking terribly. When we came out from there the house was without all windows, nothing was left”, said Olga.


*Grads are how Ukrainians refer to multi rocket launch missile systems. It is also the word used for a hailstorm.

A woman wearing a winter coat and a beanie.
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Dina added, “I was in my flat with my cat, my balcony is behind the corner looking that side [pointing towards her home].

“When a tank shot nearby my cat rushed somewhere and I have never seen him since then. I have no idea where he is. I just remember how window glass was breaking all around, it was so scary.”

After that, volunteers helped them evacuate. But the next day a missile strike landed in the middle of the building, destroying many of the apartments.

Fortunately, Olga and Dina’s apartment were not directly hit, but they suffered a lot of damage.

A man carrying aid inside a woman's house.

Olga and Dina returned to their homes on April 9. There was no power, gas or water. Broken glass crunched under their feet.

They had to carry water up the stairs. With no windows left intact, no heating and temperatures still dropping to zero overnight, the homes they returned to were incredibly cold.

But home is home and that’s where they wanted to be.

Thankfully, ShelterBox shelter tool kits help make their homes habitable again. Olga and Dina use the tools, tarpaulins, and materials to cover windows and fix additional damage. They also stop the cold wind blowing through the apartments. And blankets provide extra layers of warmth.

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Responding to the conflict in Ukraine

Together with our partners, we’re providing lifesaving aid to people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

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