Severe monsoon flooding in Pakistan in 2022 left thousands of people with nowhere to live.

The disaster has affected more than 33 million people, damaging or destroying an estimated 1 million homes.

Rustam and his family are among the millions affected by the Pakistan flooding. At the age of 80, his family of sixteen are all dependant on Rustam, who is blind. Read Rustam’s story of losing everything during the floods.

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Rustam, sitting down with our partner Islamic Relief Pakistan to share his story.

 “It was like I had already died.”

When the floods hit their village, Rustam and his family did what they could to save anything from their home, but everything was lost. They survived on the bare minimum for the next six months.

“Before the floods we were doing agriculture farming, and we did not have any job. That was the only way for us to earn a living.”

“There were extreme rains and some people informed us about the surprise flooding, we did not know where to go. Our villagers took me with them to a safe place. It was like I already died, and people were dragging me there, as I am blind. There was around 5 feet of water in our home at that time. This flood was like dooms day, our lands, houses and everything else got destroyed.”

Workers unloading tents from a truck, to give to community members
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Distributing tents to families in Pakistan's Sindh region last year, with our partner Islamic Relief Pakistan.

ShelterBox’s response

Alongside our partner Islamic Relief Pakistan, we were able to provide Rustam and his family with a tent, 5 blankets, sheets, a solar light, and a water filter.

Rustam shared that the tent provided protection from the harsh heat during the days after the flooding struck, and from the cold of the following winter.

“Our winters were spent peacefully because of these items, for which we are thankful. The tent and everything else supported us in keeping the children safe in the harsh winters.”

“If we did not receive this aid, we would have died in the harsh conditions.”


A young girl smiling at the camera
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A young member of Rustam's family.

“We are worried for the summers ahead now”

Rustam shared his concerns and hopes for the future for himself and his family.

“There is only one main concern for us, a home for our family, nothing else matters anymore. The summers will be very difficult to spend under the open sky, we need support now more than ever.”

“Home for us is life, and if there is no home there is no life.”

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