In 2022, ShelterBox supported Violeta’s family after Super Typhoon Rai struck the Philippines.

Our response began on the island of Cebu, a rural municipality where Violeta, her husband, and two children, had lived for eight years.

Read more about Violeta’s story and how ShelterBox supported her family.

Violeta looking at the camera, outside her home in Cebu
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Violeta outside her family home in Cebu

“We can’t get back what is lost”

Violeta shared that on the day of the typhoon, “we stayed together when the strong wind hit. We transferred into my cousins house. The wind was very strong, so we had to transfer. We were very scared.”

Before Violeta and her family fled to a safer place, they were forced to witness their beloved home fall apart. “Everything was scattered. I felt really worried at that time. It was useless to cry… we can’t get back what is lost.”

Violeta's husband standing outside the family home in Cebu
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Violeta's husband outside their family home

ShelterBox’s response

With aid stored in our Cebu warehouse, we were one of the first charities to respond to Typhoon Rai.

Local Rotary members supported us with logistics, transport, and distributing aid to families like Violeta’s. We also worked with our local partners, international response coordination teams, and the Philippines Navy.

Violeta and her family received a ShelterBox kit, containing a rope, tarpaulin and a solar light.

A young woman holding a solar light and her homework, smiling at the camera
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Aimerah showing her homework, which she is able to complete thanks to the solar light

New hope for Violeta’s family

“We were glad because finally we now have a roof. We installed the tarpaulin as our roof using the rope and tied it to the coconut tree.”

When speaking about the solar light, Violeta said “we use it during nighttime and it is our source of light. It has helped us a lot.” Thanks to this simple item, Violeta’s daughter Aimerah can complete her homework, even when it is dark.

Aimerah’s warm smile depicts her gratitude for the items her family received, even after the challenge of rebuilding after the storm.

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