Working in the field

When ShelterBox responds in an area with an active Rotary presence, we will make every effort to inform the District Governor of the team’s presence and, where possible, will try to connect with at least one Rotary club in the affected area.

Teams will always try to provide progress reports and information on the wider response that may be of interest to Rotary. In circumstances where Rotarians cannot be involved, ShelterBox will ensure that they receive sufficient information to enable them to coordinate with the wider relief effort should they wish to.

Rotarians are under no obligation to engage with ShelterBox. If they feel able and willing to do so the following possibilities may be appropriate.

Networking and introductions

Rotarians’ first-hand knowledge and links into communities can be a great asset, whether providing information on local culture and customs, importation procedures, security considerations or facilitating high-level introductions to support access and permissions.

Practical support

The Rotary network can provide valuable practical assistance. Professional services and support in areas such as the importation process, transportation or temporary storage of aid items, translation or team transport may be appropriate.

Active participation

In some situations, there may be an opportunity for Rotarians to participate actively in a ShelterBox response. If appropriate this might involve working in various roles such as acting as a tax-free consignee for the importation of aid, collecting information for a rapid needs assessment, participating in aid distributions, or assisting with post-distribution monitoring.

These opportunities will not always be available and are dependent on both the situation and the agreement of the ShelterBox Response Team. Participation will often require a substantial commitment in terms of time and energy and may require some training prior to engagement.

ShelterBox and Rotary in the Philippines

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