What would you take?

Watch our moving new film about home, written by Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan. Witness the impossible choices families face.

A visual poem about home

What would you take?

Every day, behind the headlines, people caught up in the war in Ukraine face impossible choices. Stay or go. Fight or flee. Take or leave.

Two Ukrainian artists – poet Serhiy Zhadan and actor Ivantiy Novak – give voice to these experiences, the homes people have left and the memories they carry.

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What is happening in Ukraine?

Young family stand in the doorway of their home destroyed in the Ukraine war

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine. The conflict has forced more than 14 million people to leave their homes.

ShelterBox has been getting aid to people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries since March, but now there’s a new threat.

Ukrainian winters are harsh and unforgiving. Temperatures plummet as low as -8°C, and blackouts could leave homes in the dark and freezing cold.

We’re sending tools, shelter materials, blankets and solar lights, to help families repair their homes and survive the winter.

Ukraine crisis explained

Send warmth this winter

Freezing temperatures are coming. Help families affected by disaster stay warm in the homes they love.

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The making of the film

The people we’ve supported after disasters generously share their stories – of loss, of hope, of lives on pause and the things left behind.

We wanted to create a film to reflect their experiences, and those of the 100 million people forced from their homes every year.

Working with filmmakers, Ukrainian creatives and our long-term supporter Stephen Fry, this visual poem combines the words of Serhiy Zhadan with photos from the conflict and the people you have supported in Ukraine.

Go behind the scenes to find out more about the collaboration.

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Man stands in darkness leaning on the door of his damaged home in Ukraine