A cycle of disaster is having devastating consequences for the people of Somalia.

Nearly one million people displaced by conflict, drought, or flooding urgently need shelter and clean water before the next wave of heavy rains hit.

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People walking among shelters in a displacement camp in Somalia

What is happening in Somalia?

Somalia has not brought about the problem of climate change, but it is badly affected by it. After enduring the worst drought in 40 years, the country has had heavy rains.

Tens of thousands of people have had to leave their homes and livelihoods behind in search of water, food, and shelter. Many have had long and difficult journeys with their families to get to displacement sites that encircle the city of Baidoa.

The first wet season has arrived (April-June), so more rains are coming, yet people haven’t had chance to recover.

Man wearing a green hat in Somalia
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Jimcale, Somalia

At 73-years-old, Jimcale has had to leave his home behind.

In my many years on this earth, I have seen changes in the climate. The rain is sometimes too much, sometimes not enough. Crops have become unpredictable, leading to empty stomachs sometimes.

The change in the climate completely turned our world upside down and forced me and my family to leave behind the life we knew. We became displaced, chasing safety from the chaos it brought and now in my old age I am left to find my stability again.

Woman wearing a red headscarf

Nurta M left her hometown with her children because of severe shortages of water and food.

Our journey [here] was quite challenging; we had been struggling for three months before arriving here. As we were travelling, we did not have much food and water and when we arrived, some of my children were admitted to the hospital because of malnutrition.

Before moving here, we felt uncertain about our future and the fear of being forced to move again loomed over us. This new shelter provides us with stability, as we have been guaranteed to remain here for at least four years.


Drone shot of tents and shelters in Somalia
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In Somalia, where people are staying displaced for longer due to cycles of drought, flooding and conflict, we are focusing on more robust shelters that will better withstand weather extremes.

What is ShelterBox doing?

With the changing climate and growing displacement, we are changing the way we work and rethinking disasters. While emergencies can be over quite quickly, they sometimes last for years too. That’s why we focus on different types of shelters in our responses depending on the needs of affected communities. In Somalia, people tell us their concerns of being evicted from the land they find refuge on, so we’re securing land tenure for people for up to 15 years.

People will stay displaced for longer without proper support to rebuild homes. So, we’re working with Juba Foundation to support thousands of people in southern Somalia with emergency shelter.

As well as shelters made from timber and tarpaulins, we’re focusing on more robust shelters that will better withstand weather extremes. They have corrugated iron roofs, raised bases, low cement walls, and mudbrick walls coated with cement or lime. This is so people can better protect themselves and their families from heavy rains and searing heat.

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