What is it?

The ShelterBox Disaster Response Room is based on the ‘escape room’ concept. It’s inspired by the challenges we face when we provide emergency shelter to families around the world who have lost their homes to disaster or conflict.

Based on a real disaster response, teams have to solve a series of puzzles and work together in order to get our aid to the families that are in need of emergency disaster relief.

All the proceeds help real families hit by extreme weather events and conflict. Book your remote team building activity today.

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What Will You Get?

First and foremost, we want you to have fun! This is a great way to bring teams together that may have been working remotely for some time, but it also provides insight on communication styles, effective team dynamics, and the importance of active internal collaboration to achieve your organisation’s mission.

  • Boosts morale
  • Improves problem solving
  • Encourages teamwork and trust
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Keeps remote teams connected
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Duration: 90 minutes

Attendees: 4-8 people per session (we can offer multiple sessions at the same time for bigger teams)

Location: Online (Zoom or Webex)

Fees: The price sessions (£590 +VAT and £1,180 +VAT) will be equivalent to the cost to support one or two families through our work, decided at the discretion of the participants.

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What people are saying

Sam – Cisco

Find the clues, collaborate with colleagues, have fun solving the problems to deliver the aid to those in need. Yes you heard me right! Deliver the aid to those in need! It’s like an escape room type activity with purpose. Fun and educational – my team had a great time.

Andrew – JTI UK

I was incredibly impressed by it personally. It struck such a good balance between tapping into skills-based team work in a fun & engaging way, whilst at the same time highlighting the incredible work which you do.

Linda – Cisco

Very enjoyable experience! Thank you to your team for facilitating the session and educating us on the vital work ShelterBox carry out. We hope to engage again in future in support, and beat our score of course!

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