Rethink disasters. Break the cycle

We want to change the way people think about disasters.

We don’t believe millions of people losing their homes each year is natural.

Sign your name now, and together we can rethink disasters. Together, we can break the cycle.

Nobody should lose their home because people in power fail to act. Yet every year, millions of people are made homeless because leaders don’t invest in preparation, recovery, and rebuilding. This pushes communities into a vicious cycle of trying to recover before the next disaster strikes.

Disasters are becoming more extreme, hitting the same places more often, and lasting longer. As a result we are redefining our disaster relief.

Can we email you about how we’re rethinking disasters, the ways we are supporting vulnerable communities, and to share information about how you can help? 

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Woman and child among destroyed buildings after flooding in Pakistan
Disasters explained

Rethink disasters

When storms hit, earthquakes strike, or floods rage, disaster often follows – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how we're rethinking disaster and join our movement for change.

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