No ordinary gifts: Christmas gift guide 2023

Learn more about ShelterBox’s Christmas gifts for 2023, including membership to our book club, and virtual gifts.

13 November 2023

If you have been shopping in the last few days you have probably been met at some point with a dazzling array of twinkling lights, chocolate boxes and the smell of cinnamon. It can only mean one thing… It’s Christmas shopping time again.

If you’re inwardly groaning at the thought of trying to find something for the awkward to shop for people in your life, we may have the solution. How about the gift of travel and insight from the comfort of their own home? Or a much needed essential for people affected by disaster or conflict? In this blog learn more about our Christmas gifts. They are not only wonderful presents, but also a chance to help those without shelter after disaster.

Gift of inspiration: ShelterBox Book Club membership

Hands holding open a book with a ShelterBox book club bookmark, and next to a ShelterBox book club branded parcel tied with a red ribbon


Our book club is celebrating it’s fifth birthday! Through the club, members receive a book every six weeks inspired by the people ShelterBox has supported and the places we work.

However, members receive so much more than just books! They also get the chance to regularly vote on which book the club will read next from a selection chosen by our head bookworm. And they’ll get the chance to take part in online discussions, and events such as Q&As with the authors!

You can treat someone to three, six or twelve months membership. While they will get the gift of inspiration and insight into other people and cultures, your donation for the membership will be helping the people we support. It may help supply warm clothes for a family facing a bitter winter without shelter. Or it could contribute towards a shelter kit or tent for people forced from their homes. Click the button below to buy a book club membership for someone today!

Buy ShelterBox book club gift membership

Gift of recovery: Virtual gifts

Woman collecting aid materials in Cameroon


Imagine a gift that enables people to take the first steps of recovery after a disaster. It could be something as simple as a warm blanket, or a mosquito net. While they may not seem like much to some, for people who have lost everything they can be life-changing.

With our virtual gifts, you can donate the cost of some of our common aid items on behalf of someone else. You will then receive a gift certificate you can give to them, to show what the value of your gift can buy. And we can use the donation to help people around the world who need it most.

Our virtual gifts are a perfect way to show someone special you care this Christmas, and to share this love with people around the world too. And as the gift certificates arrive by email, they make perfect last minute gifts – ideal for all you procrastinating shoppers!

Click the button below to browse our virtual gifts, and make a difference in the lives of people who have lost their home through conflict or disaster.

Buy virtual gifts

How your gifts can make a difference

Man sitting in the doorway of a building with cracked walls after the earthquake in Morocco
Bela’s house in the Atlas Mountains was irreparably damaged in the Morocco earthquake


Every year, ShelterBox helps thousands of people who have lost their homes through disaster or conflict. By providing shelter aid, we are providing a foundation for people to rebuild their lives.

Bela lives in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. His home of fifty-five years was irreparably damaged by the earthquake that struck the country in September 2023. He was very worried about the future, especially the approaching winter. “In the winter sometimes there is snow, and it is raining a lot. It is very cold, freezing because of the height. I care about my children and my wife; we need help to keep warm.”

ShelterBox has begun distributing aid in the area. Bela received a tent for his family, as well as thermal blankets, a kitchen set and solar lights. He exclaimed “I feel very happy to see people like you, from ShelterBox coming to help, and help all the village. When we get the tents, we will all be happy. Thank you very much, just asking about me and coming from another country to help, makes me feel very happy.”

Our work supporting people like Bela is funded entirely by donations. So when you buy book club membership, a virtual gift, or make a donation, you are making our work possible.


Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be a chore. Buy a gift through us today, cross off your Christmas list, and help ensure no one is without shelter after disaster. (And that’s a far better gift than novelty socks!)