4 Reasons why you should take part in Give a Tent for Lent

For Lent 2021, give something up for charity and raise vital funds for disaster-affected families. Take part in Give a Tent for Lent.

1 February 2021

Woman and three children stand in front of a ShelterBox tent in Cameroon
Banner image: Falmata is a single mother from Nigeria who received a ShelterBox tent in 2019. Falmata lives in Minawao camp, Cameroon, after having to flee her home to escape Boko Haram violence.
It was during Lent last year in 2020 that our lives were put on hold. Everything after that point kept reminding us all how important home is. Faced with a global pandemic, it is our homes that have provided safety and protection for ourselves and our families. As Lent approaches this year, and vaccines are rolled out, all around the world our homes will provide us with a sense of comfort and normality in these strangest of times. But we don’t all have a place to call home. In the face of this coronavirus crisis, emergency shelter means more than ever – and by doing something small, we can make an impact. This Lent, you can make a meaningful change to the lives of families who have been made homeless by disaster or conflict. Give up one thing this Lent and help raise enough money to provide tents and other shelter essentials to families who need it the most. From chocolate to cake, flat whites to Facebook, by giving up something for Lent and raising money in aid of ShelterBox, you can help families stay safe and start again.
Here are 4 reasons why you should take part and join our life-changing community…

1. It’s a great way to take on a personal challenge.

So, our New Year’s resolutions may have fallen a little to the wayside this year… Lent is your second chance to take on a personal challenge, helping strengthen your self-discipline. Giving up one thing is not only a good way to kick a bad habit, but it also helps build resilience.

2. Use the time to reflect and practice gratitude.

After a challenging year, Lent is a great time to reflect and practise gratitude in our lives. Whether that’s for the roof over your head, the food on your table or simply for being able to be with your loved ones.

3. Join a life-changing community.

Even if we can’t be together, we can still collectively take action to support families without shelter. By giving up one thing and raising money for our Tent for Lent appeal, you’ll join a nationwide community standing together to support families without shelter. Together we have the power to do more.

4. Provide shelter for families after disaster.

We urgently need to be there for more families. By supporting our Tent for Lent appeal you will help us collectively raise enough funds to support 100 families or more, by delivering tents and shelter essentials. Your support will empower families to rebuild their homes, and with a home comes a powerful sense of hope. This year has been tough for many of us; now imagine not having a home. Despite everything, we can still make a change in the lives of people who are going through disaster, conflict, coronavirus and many more. Learn more about our Give a Tent for Lent appeal and sign up today.