Tent for Lent appeal 

Take part in ShelterBox’s Tent for Lent campaign this year. Give something up for lent to raise funds for those in need.

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What could you give up?

Join ShelterBox for our annual Tent for Lent campaign.

For 40 days and 40 nights over Lent, we’re asking for supporters to join us in fundraising.

This year, we’re asking you to give something up to raise funds for those in need of shelter and emergency aid.

You could give up your daily coffee or sweet treat, and donate the money saved.

Or give up your bed for a sponsored sleep out.

However you chose to raise funds – you’ll join a community of fundraisers working together to provide life saving shelter and kit for those in need.

Fundraising Inspiration

Last year Valerie Allen gave up her bed and camped out in her garden for 40 nights of lent.

Valerie camped out in all conditions including snow – raising over £2000 for those in need.

Valerie shares: “I made the decision to sleep in a tent for 40 nights when the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria happened and could not begin to imagine how it might feel to lose your home and even loved ones in a matter of minutes, so Tent for Lent was a challenge I felt I had to do.” – Valerie Allen

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