Tent for Lent appeal 

This Lent, what will you give up to give shelter?

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What could you or your congregation give up this Lent?

By giving up something for Lent and raising money in aid of ShelterBox, you can provide tents and other shelter essentials.

Creative supporters have gone without chocolate, given up negativity and even forgone their own beds by camping out in a tent during Lent.

Every penny we raise together could give a family a home, and with a home comes a powerful sense of new hope.

What others like you have done

Kate was inspired to give up her bed for Lent to help in some way towards the plight of people who lost their homes.

“When my boiler had a fault, I was plunged into cold, freezing conditions. The next day an envelope came through the door advertising the charity ShelterBox and asking for donations for emergency shelters.

“As we are encouraged during Lent to go without or give something up, I gave up my bed to spend six nights in a tent as part of ShelterBox’s ‘Tent for Lent’ appeal, hoping to raise enough money to house a family in need.”

Female ShelterBox supporter in white ShelterBox tshirt
Kate Brookbank, ShelterBox Fundraiser

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