Tent for Lent appeal 

This Lent, what will you give up to give shelter?

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What could you or your congregation give up this Lent?

From chocolate to cake, flat whites to Facebook, by giving up something for Lent and raising money in aid of ShelterBox, you can provide tents and other shelter essentials.

Every penny we raise together could give a family a home, and with a home comes a powerful sense of new hope.


- Asala, aged 14, from Syria

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The difference you will make

When floodwaters surged towards the house William and Annie shared with their five children in Malawi, the family fled and sought sanctuary in the local church.

The floods left William and Annie with nothing. Their home was destroyed. The field where they grew maize to sell was waterlogged. Their tools, pigs, chickens and goats — everything was washed away by the flood.

Thanks to generous people just like you, ShelterBox provided William and Annie with a life saving tent and other household items so that they could start to rebuild their lives.Today, William, Annie and their children have returned to their farmland with their tent and are growing rice to sell and eat.

Please support our Tent for Lent appeal and help families like William and Annie’s to rebuild their homes and lives.