by Amy Griffin 15/05/2023
when the opportunity arose to visit Minawao Refugee Camp, and share our Cameroon appeal back with the women who are featured, we grabbed it with both hands. …

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Updates from the ShelterBox team. Read our blogs to find out what it’s like providing shelter on the frontline of disasters and conflicts.

Evolution of Our Emergency Shelter

As we launch Stock the Box, a new way for Rotary Clubs and groups to fundraise for us, we look back at the evolution of our emergency shelter.

Behind the scenes of our Cameroon appeal - hear from the people in the pictures

Take a look behind the scenes of a recent ethical storytelling workshop at Minawao, Refugee Camp in Cameroon.

World Water Day 2023: The Story Behind our Grifaid Water Filter

To mark World Water Day 2023, we take a deep dive into the story behind our water filter. Read on to discover its connection to Rotary and how it came to be a staple in many of our responses around the world.

Why were the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria so devastating?

On February 6 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, followed by a second 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Thousands of aftershocks followed.

7 facts about the Syrian conflict

In March 2011, peaceful protests in Syria escalated into brutal conflict that’s still ongoing. Read 7 facts about the conflict in Syria.

The Syria Conflict: A crisis within a crisis

After fleeing their homes to escape war, millions in northern Syria are facing new devastation. This is why the Turkey and Syria earthquakes could not have hit a more vulnerable place.

One year on: Five things you need to know about the Ukraine war

One year on, the war in Ukraine isn’t over. We are committed to doing all we can to support families who have lost so much. Stand with us.

Giving up something to give back. What is Lent and 5 things you should know about Lent in 2023

What is Lent … why people give things up? Keep reading to hear some thoughts on Lent in 2023, get some inspiration on things to give up and learn 5 facts about Lent.

6 forgotten crises that need your attention in 2023

In 2023, let’s give all crises the attention they deserve. Here are 6 forgotten crises that you need to know about.

Last-minute Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – ShelterBox

From virtual gifts to ShelterBox Book Club membership, get inspiration for Christmas gifts that give back, helping families with shelter and warmth after disaster.

A chance to say thank you

We’re gearing up for Thank You Day – an annual tradition to personally thank many of our supporters. See why everyone in the organisation takes the time to phone and personally thank our supporters.

Meet the people behind our Ukraine film

Discover the true stories of the Ukrainians featured in the film and go behind the scenes to meet the poet, actor, and translator who worked on the film.

COP27: The climate crisis needs our anger – but it also needs our hope 

COP27 conference: Our CEO Sanj Srikanthan reflects on the urgent message we’re sending to global leaders.

The power of a gift in your Will

Learn how you can leave a gift in your Will to a charity and everything you need to know.

Rotary and Book Club Member Q&A

Read an Q&A from a Brian Stewart a committed Rotarian, brilliant ShelterBox Book Club member and published author!

Crisis in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in over 40 years. Learn more about this crisis and how shelter can make an impact.

World Humanitarian Day 2022

Discover everything you need to know about World Humanitarian Day and meet four real-life humanitarians.

Evolution of our solar light

Read how we listened to communities to adapt our solar lights.

6 Summer Reads from ShelterBox Book Club

Have a look at these 6 summer reads picked exclusively by ShelterBox Book Club.

The plastic problem: our commitment to do better

Read how ShelterBox is committed to reducing unnecessary single-use plastic from our aid packaging.

Q&A with Durian Sukegawa

Author of Sweet Bean Paste

In spring 2022, the members of the ShelterBox Book Club read ‘Sweet Bean Paste’ by Durian Sukegawa. We compiled questions from our members for Durian, take a look at his written answers.

Being Better LGBTQ+ Allies

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is here. Here are 8 easy steps to being a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community and challenge the norms.

Stories of survival after extreme storms

Climate change is making extreme storms even more devastating. Read 3 stories of survival after extreme storms in Vanuatu and Malawi.

Preparing for a busy hurricane season

The 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season is predicted to be very active. Read how we’re preparing.

5 Inspiring fundraising stories we love

From physical challenges to camping in the freezing cold, here are 5 of our most favourite fundraising stories.

Helping 100,000 people in the Philippines after Typhoon Rai

See how we worked with partners to reach 20,000 families after Typhoon Rai.

How to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis

Read how you can help people affected by the Ukraine crisis.

5 Things you should know about the latest IPCC report

The latest IPCC Report on climate change is out. here are 5 of the main findings of this report.

What are climate-related disasters?

Our changing climate is making large weather events like droughts and hurricanes worse. Learn more about climate-related disasters.

What is Lent and why do people give things up? 5 things you should know about Lent 2022

2021 Haiti Earthquake: How we reached families affected the most

See how ShelterBox worked with partners to respond to the 2021 Haiti earthquake, despite the challenges.

How to beat the winter blues

It’s not uncommon for many of us to be feeling a little blue after the holiday season. Here are four easy ways to beat the winter blues.

The importance of home

Child psychologist Paul Howard-Jones reflects on the importance of a safe and stable home on a child’s development.

Ethical Christmas gift guide

Our ultimate Christmas gift guide will inspire you to choose the best unique, ethical, and fun gifts.

We have the climate science: now stories must take centre stage

Storytelling inspires change. See why ShelterBox Book Club has published Tamesis Street: an all-star story of a climate crisis.

Black History Month 2021

Learn what Black History Month is and read the story of Joseph Antonio Emidy.

A forgotten crisis: Five things you need to know about the Tigray conflict

Learn about the devastating humanitarian crisis unfolding in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Stronger Together: Working with partners to respond in Honduras

Read how we worked with Rotary and Habitat for Humanity to support families in Honduras after Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Interview with Domi

We spoke to Domi, the warehouse and logistics supervisor at the ShelterBox Operations Philippines office. Read on to hear about his journey with ShelterBox.

The G7 comes to Cornwall – what will be on the table?

The G7 summit 2021 is taking place in our home turf in Cornwall. Read why it’s important for us and the communities affected by climate change.

7 simple ways to lead a sustainable life

Small, everyday changes to our daily life can have a positive impact on the fight against climate change. Here are 7 simple ways to be more sustainable.

One Year on: How Coronavirus Has Affected Our Work

See how coronavirus has changed our work, and what the impact has been for families who have been displaced by disaster.  

Remote training during coronavirus

Delivering training is crucial for the success of our projects. See how we’ve conducted remote training this year despite the challenges posed by coronavirus.

4 reasons why you should take part in Tent for Lent

This Lent, give something up for charity and raise vital funds for disaster-affected families. Take part in Give a Tent for Lent.

Remembering major earthquake responses - Gujarat 2001 and Haiti 2010

January 2001 and 2010 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Read about two of our most important earthquake responses and learn more about earthquakes.

5 reasons why you should take up a challenge for ShelterBox

New Year, new you! From setting personal goals and helping families affected by disaster, here’s why you should take up a challenge for ShelterBox this year.

Deck the halls....whenever you like

We asked people around the UK how they were feeling about festivities and decorations this year. Find out what we learned.

Six Reasons Why We Love Giving Tuesday

Inspiration from some of the brilliant aid workers, volunteers and fundraisers supporting ShelterBox through the coronavirus crisis.

Stephen Fry

Confessions Of A Book Traveller

Read our interview with Stephen Fry as he shares his favourite reads and favourite characters.

5 Ways to Give back this Christmas

2020 has been a year like no other. Here are five ways to make an impact this Christmas on the lives of families affected by disaster.

20 Years of ShelterBox: 4 Volunteer stories that take us back

As we celebrate our 20th birthday this year, we couldn’t forget our volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to help us make sure families receive emergency shelter after disaster.

Logistics at ShelterBox: how do we get aid to the people that need it?

In the era of coronavirus, the challenges of transporting aid around the world are greater than ever. See how we get our aid to disaster-affected communities.

5 Reasons to Sign Up to ShelterBox Book Club

As the nights draw in and the world remains changed by coronavirus, there has never been a better time to join an online book club, but why join ours?

Why information is vital in the fight against coronavirus in Paraguay

Learn more about the coronavirus situation in Paraguay and how we’re helping families to protect themselves.

Celebrating 20 years of ShelterBox

2020 marks our 20th birthday! Watch these video messages from our President Her Majesty The Queen Consort, the Rotary Club of Helston Lizard, and Holger Knaack, Rotary International President.

Why we need support right now

We have been supporting families around the world with life-saving aid to help them protect from coronavirus. But we must do more. Read how you can help us in the global fight against coronavirus.

5 fundraisers that inspired us during coronavirus

Read inspiring stories from people who have been fundraising for us during lockdown.

How has our disaster response work changed during the coronavirus pandemic?

How do you get aid to the people who need it without endangering anyone and when most countries are on some kind of lockdown and large gatherings are banned?

How has lockdown and social distancing changed how we listen to feedback?

How do we check that what we’ve done is effective when you can’t easily go back to ask people because most countries are on lockdown and physical distancing is the new normal?

Coronavirus: An Impossible Choice for the World’s Vulnerable

See how coronavirus is making existing crises worse in the developing world.

Coronavirus: It’s not over until it’s over everywhere

This global pandemic is changing all our lives. It’s our duty as humanitarians to help those least able to protect themselves.

5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus

And how it’s affecting families living through disaster

Kunyumba - A Story of Home

Joined by renowned photographer, Sian Davey, and filmmaker Benn Berkley, we documented Mwalija village’s journey of self-recovery in a multi-media project we called ‘Kunyumba’ (meaning ‘home’).

Interview with a ReliefAid worker

Hear from Mustafa, a photographer for ReliefAid, as he gives us an insight on what it’s really like to be on the ground in Syria.

Climate change and disasters

Climate change is happening at an unprecedented rate. Learn how it’s affecting families.

An Interview With Our CEO, Sanj Srikanthan

Hear from ShelterBox CEO – Sanj Srikanthan, who joined in December 2019 as our new chief executive.

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