Help people to survive the winter

Winter is here. Temperatures are dropping below freezing.

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Facing the Ukrainian winter

In April, missiles cut through Olga and Dina’s apartment block, tearing down walls and blowing out windows.

The two friends were evacuated to safety. But when they returned a month later, there was no power, gas or water. No windows. No heating.

Thanks to supporters like you, in June we were able to provide the tools needed to make their homes livable again.

But now, as temperatures begin to dip below zero, people like Olga and Dina now urgently need protection from the cold.

We’re responding to disasters around the world this winter. Help us to be there for families wherever the need is greatest.

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Ukrainian woman inside home
“Home is home, and that’s where we want to be.” - Dina

These items are representative of the type of aid we are supplying to Ukraine. Aid items, designs and models may vary.

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All over the world, there are people in need of shelter this winter.

A donation from you today could help more people in urgent need to survive the winter, in the homes that they love.