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With a winter survival kit, families find a way through the coldest nights

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Facing the Syrian winter

Muafak lived a peaceful life in Syria, until conflict forced him to flee with his family.

Muafak dreaded the approaching Syrian winter. As temperatures fell below zero and snowstorms blew in on freezing winds, the family only had a few worn out blankets to use to try and stay warm. He had no idea how his children would cope.

But support from people like you meant Muafak could collect the kind of items you’ll find in our winter survival kits. Winter clothing, thermal blankets, mattresses and warm boots might sound like simple things. But when it’s cold enough at night to get hypothermia, they can save lives.

My feeling was like a person who fell into a hole and got out,” Muafak told us. “When I see my children sleeping while they are warm and not hungry, I feel happy. We want to live in a tent that laughs.

We’re responding to disasters around the world this winter. Help us to be there for people wherever the need is greatest.

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Group of children smiling at the camera in Syria
Muafak’s children and friends

These items are representative of the type of aid we are supplying to Syria, and other locations affected by cold temperatures. Aid items, designs and models may vary.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will go to our general fund, which will help families in Syria and elsewhere.

We believe that the best way for us to be impactful is by staying flexible, and it is essential that we have funds available to support those affected by conflict and disasters around the world. Donations to our general fund allow us to be able to respond to help people without shelter, wherever the need is greatest.

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A tent keeps a family together. A winter survival kit helps them stay warm and stay alive.

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