We are responding in Pakistan to support people who have been forced from their homes by severe monsoon flooding.

This disaster has affected over 33 million people. We have been responding in Pakistan since 2022.

Previously we supported people without shelter in Pakistan in 2012 due to flooding, and in 2013 after an earthquake.

Map showing location of Pakistan marked in red

Where is Pakistan?

Pakistan is in southern Asia. It shares a border with Iran to the west. Northwest is Afghanistan, and northeast is China. On the eastern border is India. Its southern coast is on the Arabian sea, and the Guld of Oman.

Pakistan ranges from temperate to tropical climates. The annual monsoon season can cause flooding. Lying on the edge of a tectonic plate, parts of the country are also vulnerable to earthquakes. Melting glaciers and higher temperatures caused by the climate crisis have increased the chances of droughts, flooding and storms. According to scientific research, climate change was a significant factor in the flooding of 2022 in Pakistan.

Our work in Pakistan

Man in Pakistan crouches outside his home destroyed by flooding

Pakistan flooding

Severe monsoon flooding in Pakistan has left thousands displaced. Read what is happening in Pakistan and see how ShelterBox is responding.

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Three children in the doorway of a shelter in Pakistan

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