We are responding in Ethiopia to support communities who have been forced from their homes due to violent conflict. We are also supporting people who have had to leave home due to drought and food insecurity.

Our current response in Ethiopia began in 2018. We also worked in the country in 2011.

Ethiopia map highlighting Tigray and Oromia

Where is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in eastern Africa, part of the Horn of Africa. On its northern border is Eritrea. Djibouti is to the northeast and Somalia to the east. Kenya can be found on the southern border, and Sudan to the west.

There is a wide variety of terrain in Ethiopia, and of climates. There are typically two rainy seasons a year – one of light rain, and the other of heavy rain. The rest of the year is dry. The climate crisis is thought to be having an impact on the country by changing rainfall patterns, causing drought and flooding. This is impacting food security.

Our response in Ethiopia

Woman and children next to water tap filling plastic bottles in Tigray, Ethiopia

Ethiopia crisis explained

Read and learn about the crisis in Ethiopia, how it's causing thousands to flee and find out how ShelterBox is helping.

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ethiopian woman in pink headscarf sits at water tap with children

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