Our ambassadors play a hugely important role within ShelterBox.

You amplify the voices of the people affected by disaster and conflict, you share their stories, raise awareness of the work we do with members of your community, inspire fundraising and further engagement with ShelterBox.

Without people like you, we would not have the capacity and reach we have in spreading these important stories.

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Could you be a ShelterBox Ambassador?

Who are you?
Our Ambassadors are passionate, caring, motivated people, wanting to make a difference.

What will you do?
Tasks undertaken by our Ambassadors include giving presentations on our work, attending events on our behalf, organising activities, and supporting our campaigns.

What impact will you have?
Our Ambassadors raise awareness and vital funds for our work and the people we support. They are advocates in their communities for volunteering and support us in recruiting future Ambassadors.

In 2023, our UK volunteers logged 212 activities, reaching over 30,000 people. Between Rotary GB&I and Community Fundraisers, they raised an amazing £2,395,443.

What will you get?
We want our volunteers to feel rewarded for your time with us. You’ll have opportunities to meet like-minded people, we give you support and training throughout your time, you’ll gain valuable work experience and a deeper understanding of the Humanitarian sector. We want the role to suit you and fit around your lifestyle, so we encourage you to seek your own opportunities and make the role your own.

More about this role

Whether you’re a keen public speaker or more comfortable hosting a stall at an event, there are flexible options available to suit a variety of skills and time commitments.

Options include:

  • Speaker engagements, both in-person and virtual
  • Supporting our fundraising and awareness campaigns such as Tent for Lent or National Volunteer Week
  • Acting as the recipient for cheques and donations from local groups
  • Attending local events such as fetes, festivals and county shows
  • Promoting the work of ShelterBox through social media
  • Fundraising both seasonally and in response to times of major disaster
  • Creating your own events, community engagement opportunities and contacts

Read the full role description here

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Who you are supporting

Mohamed is the community leader of a small village in the Al Haouz region of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. His village suffered severe damage in the earthquake that struck Morocco on 8th September 2023.

When the earthquake struck, Mohamed was working at a maternity home. It took him all night to travel back to his village, as there was devastation everywhere. In a neighbouring village, Mohamed received terrible news.

“I met a man that I knew there, he told me that my wife, my sister, my son, my nephew, and my neighbour were dead. I kept walking and I arrived at my village, I found some of them there in one place, I went to behind my house to get some blankets to cover them.”

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Mohamed focused on helping his village. ShelterBox supported people in his village with tents and household items. Mohamed shared the difference the items made. “We have these tents, we have a lot of blankets that good people and associations have given to us, so we are all good, we are safe.”

Mohamed is just one of thousands of people ShelterBox have supported after disaster and conflict. By representing ShelterBox, sharing our work and telling the stories of the people we support, our Ambassadors play a key role in supporting people like Mohamed.

male shelterbox volunteer at festival

Why volunteer with ShelterBox?

Right now, over 100 million people around the world have been made homeless by disaster and conflict.

ShelterBox was founded by volunteers over 20 years ago and volunteers still play a vital role in the work we do. By volunteering with ShelterBox, you can use your passion, skills and experience to raise awareness and funds to support our global disaster relief work

We want to see a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster. Join us.

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