Syria urgent appeal

Families just like ours have suddenly lost everything, targeted in their own homes where they should feel safe. Help us bring more families tarpaulins, blankets and other essential items.

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Since December alone, almost 1 million innocent people have fled violence in Idlib.  

Airstrikes and ground attacks have hounded people into smaller and smaller areas. Even hospitals and displacement camps have been hit.

This is the largest exodus of civilians since the start of the conflict nearly 9 years ago. Families in Syria need your help right now.

We’re working with our partner ReliefAid to help families affected, but we urgently need to scale up our response. We can’t do it without your support.

Syria is not the only country affected by brutal conflict like this. We’re responding to conflicts around the world – like the Lake Chad Basin, where thousands are fleeing violence associated with Boko Haram.

Please help us support families in crisis today.

What do families need?

girl with folded arms stands with shelterbox and reliefaid aid

The conditions in camps are harsh.

New arrivals are moving into old, damaged tents, or having to share with other families. Heavy rain has brought flooding; tents battered by the elements are leaking.

Families urgently need tarpaulins and rope to reinforce their tents. They need mattresses, carpet and thermal blankets to make the cold winter more bearable. And they need kitchen sets and solar lights to carry out basic daily activities, like preparing meals.

Please give whatever you can now.

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Who you're helping

When our partner ReliefAid met Umm and her family, they had been living out in the open for two weeks. 

‘Our village was subjected to heavy shelling, which we could not have survived.’  

‘My children are very sad because they have left their home and their schools. They struggle to cope with the situation here…Their wish is to return home as soon as possible.’ 

Working with ReliefAid, we supported Umm’s family with emergency shelter including tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets, cooking equipment, solar lamps and more.

Help us reach more family’s like Umm’s today.

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What is happening in Syria?

It started out as a peaceful protest, with public demonstrations calling for democratic reforms. But the peaceful demonstrations were met by swift government opposition, eventually giving way to a brutal war.

Today the conflict is complex and violent. But one thing remains constant; Syria’s civilians continue to pay the price.

Find out more about the conflict in Syria and how ShelterBox is responding.