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How to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis

by Digital Team 27/03/2022

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a military operation on Ukraine.

Over 14 million people have been forced to leave their homes – that’s more than a quarter of Ukraine’s entire population. Of those displaced, about 8 million people have left the country and over 7 million are displaced internally.

Many are unable to leave because of damage to infrastructure like transport and roads, lack of resources like money or vehicles, and the danger of the war around them.

This latest escalation in military action could spark the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades.

We must protect people caught up in this rapidly changing crisis. We stand with the UN in calling for peace and the protection of innocent people affected by the crisis in Ukraine and critical basic infrastructure and services.

As the world watches in horror, there are simple things we can do to help Ukraine and families caught up in the crisis.


1. Donate to ShelterBox

ShelterBox is responding to the Ukraine crisis. We are coordinating with trusted partners and other organisations to ensure we help as many people as possible.

We’ll be supporting people both in Ukraine and those who have fled the country.

Together with our partner People in Need, we’re providing mattresses to people living in collective centres in Lviv, Ukraine. We’re also working with ReliefAid to provide shelter kits with tools and rope, high thermal blankets, hygiene kits, solar lights and water carriers to help people survive in damaged buildings.

People who have become refugees in neighbouring countries are on the move and will not be able to carry additional items. So, we’ll be providing high priority items that people can carry with them, like hygiene items and cash.

Donate today to support people affected by the Ukraine crisis and other disasters around the world.


2. Read about what’s happening in Ukraine

This latest escalation in military action comes after eight years of ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. In fact, before the recent escalation, the UN estimated that 2.9 million people in Ukraine were already in need of humanitarian assistance.

Get informed on what is unfolding in Ukraine here.


3. Raise awareness of the situation in Ukraine

Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness on issues you care about. Through sharing relevant and timely information with your friends and family, you can show you support and help people in Ukraine.

One way to do that is to share this post:

4. Stand with people fleeing their homes in Ukraine and beyond

Sadly, the current crisis in Ukraine is just one out of a handful of crises that are currently unfolding around the world.

Families in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and beyond are fleeing conflict in their countries. Often, they do so by leaving everything behind. We believe that no one should be left homeless after disaster or conflict – no matter where they are.

Read the stories from people fleeing crises and share them with your network.

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  1. Hi there. Please tell me, does your organization help cities that have not been affected by the bombings and are accepting evacuees who have lost their homes, such as dormitories? In Cherkasy, the State Technical University has 4 dormitories housing 305 internally displaced persons and about 200 are temporarily suspended for several days. There is a constant great need for bed linen, bath towels, hygiene kits, sets of bulky dishes (simple kettles, pots, pans) and especially not thin mattresses for beds (300 pcs) size 80 × 190. The need for small refrigerators in large quantities I have not even voiced anywhere, because it is a large number and expensive, at least the most necessary to provide. Can I contact you or my charity for any of the above? A detailed post about this project is on my page. These people must also be in decent conditions so as not to lose faith in a better future and our victory. I will be grateful for any answer.

    1. Hi Лідія, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we’ve already identified who we’re going to support in our current project in Ukraine. That means we don’t have any spare supplies of our aid items available. I’m really sorry we’re not able to help, but can I recommend reaching out to UNHCR to see how they can help the community in Cherkasy? You can reach them on this link: – Nicky