Hope & Strength

Four leading photographers Olly Burn, Tom Stoddart, Veronique de Viguerie and Dougie Wallace have helped us to pay tribute to the incredible hope and strength of the people we meet.

The photographers travelled with us to meet families living through severe drought in Somaliland, devastation in the British Virgin Islands, and to meet Rohingya families living in the refugee camps in Bangladesh.

In circumstances often defined by violence and tragedy, these families show courage, determination and resilience. The photographs capture the incredible power people possess to carry on and be hopeful. They show families living their lives after disaster and communities working together to help each other, sharing what little they have, rebuilding their lives on a foundation of hope.

Olly Burn

Olly Burn is a London-based photographer, who has taken photographs in some of the most challenging locations.

Olly travelled with us to the self-declared state of Somaliland, where the most severe drought in decades has affected around 766,000 people.

ShelterBox has supported families there with essential items like tarpaulins, rope and tool kits for shelter, as well as blankets, mosquito nets, ground mats, pegs, solar lights and water carriers to help them live through the worst drought in decades.


Olly Burn

Tom Stoddart

Tom Stoddart is one of the world’s most respected photojournalists and veteran of documenting many of the most serious issues of our time.

Tom travelled with us to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh where violence in Myanmar forced over 655,000 Rohingya to flee.

ShelterBox supported families with tarpaulins and rope for essential shelter, as well as blankets for warmth and solar lights to help them feel safer at night.


Veronique De Viguerie

Veronique De Viguerie

Veronique De Viguerie is a multi-award winning French photographer, experienced in taking photos in the Middle East and conflict areas across the world.

Vero also travelled with us to Bangladesh, where violence in Myanmar forced over half a million Rohingya to flee.

With help from our partner IOM, we supported families with vital aid including blankets, tarpaulins and rope, solar lights and water carriers.


Dougie Wallace

Dougie Wallace is internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct direct style of expressive street photography.

Dougie travelled to the Caribbean, where in early September 2017, a Category 5 Hurricane Irma caused devastation in the Caribbean. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Maria made landfall, bringing with it a new wave of destruction across the islands.

ShelterBox supported families with aid including tents, tarpaulins, water filters and carriers, mosquito nets, and solar lights to help them rebuild their lives.


Dougie Wallace