Turn a shelter into a home

Urgent Christmas Appeal

This Christmas you can help families who have lost everything to war and disaster create a home where their children can play and feel safe.

Disasters don’t stop and neither will ShelterBox.

Please give the most important gift you can this year.

Khaled's Story

manteaching boy and girl on ground mat in syria
Khaled teaches his children outside

When war broke out in Syria, Khaled was a teacher. He worked hard to put a roof over his children’s heads. But as bombs rained down and bullets fired across the streets, he and his family were forced to flee.

Now, not only does Khaled have the pressure of keeping his children safe and happy and their minds free from the trauma of war, but he also has the threat of the Syrian winter to contend with.

Winter is a frightening time for families like Khaled’s. As the temperatures drop and the freezing winds blow in, he faces a battle to keep his children safe, warm, and dry.

Please donate today. Your gift will help buy vital shelter and aid for a family like Khaled’s either in Syria, or wherever the need is greatest.

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Give the most important gift this Christmas

Donate today, so parents like Khaled can turn a shelter into a home this winter.