The ethical Christmas gift guide 2021

The ultimate Christmas gift guide 2021 from ShelterBox will inspire you to choose the best unique, ethical, and fun gifts for the whole family. Have a look at our top gift ideas below and happy shopping!

18 November 2021

Child holding kitchen pots inside a shelter on Vanuatu

The ultimate Christmas gift guide from ShelterBox will inspire you to choose the best unique, ethical and fun gifts for the whole family. Have a look at our top 2021 Christmas gift ideas below and happy shopping!

1. ShelterBox virtual gifts

Forget about the fluffy socks, the funky pajamas, and the (oh yet another) woolly hat! Buy a gift that makes a real difference.

When you buy a gift from our virtual gift shop, you’ll not only give sustainable and unique presents to your loved ones, but you’ll also make a real impact to the lives of families who’ve been through so much.

The best part? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply visit our online shop, add the items you wish to buy to your basket and pay, and you’ll receive a beautiful gift E-certificate to send to your loved one. Then, families will receive the aid they need to rebuild their lives.

With prices starting at just £7, our virtual gift shop also makes a great last-minute Christmas gift idea! Here are some of our most popular bundles…


man holding two babies wearing winter clothes in a Syrian camp

In Syria, where temperatures can plummet to below zero degrees, a baby bundle can help parents keep their newborns warm. 


Baby bundle, £24

For just £24, you can provide an insulated one-piece and a babygrow to a family going through a rough winter. Help mothers around the world keep their children warm whilst buying the ultimate ethical gift.

Hygiene bundle, £55

Coronavirus is still out there, and it remains a major threat for unprotected families around the world who have lost their homes to disaster and conflict.

For £55, you can provide a single family with a complete hygiene set, made up of a water filter, water carrier, masks, soap, and a washbasin. These items can help families stay as healthy as possible.

Home repair kit, £119

Imagine watching your home get destroyed by a devastating hurricane, and not having the tools to repair it. That’s the reality for many communities hit by disaster.

Just £119 can provide the necessary items for a family to rebuild their home and start their journey to recovery – a blanket, water filter, solar light, tarpaulins, and tools.

ShelterBox, £590

Gift the ultimate gift of all – a green, sturdy ShelterBox! It contains everything a family urgently needs after disaster, like blankets, water filters, tools, and more.

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Maybe you’re not one for virtual gifts. Luckily for you, we have more gift ideas for everyone…

A selection of books from ShelterBox Book Club, with a book mark and envelope

The lucky recipient will join a community of over 3,000 bookworms and receive books from authors from all around the world.


2. ShelterBox Book Club gift membership, starting at £30

Many of us are still hesitant to take that nice trip we were planning a long, long time ago… But who says we can’t still travel through books?

Give that special bookworm in your family the perfect Christmas gift with purpose. You can buy a 3, 6, or 12-month gift membership to the UK’s biggest charity Book Club and each cycle they’ll receive their very own book through the post. What’s more, they’ll be able to access to our exclusive online events including live Q&As with the authors.

Buy now and with their first book, they’ll receive a limited edition copy of our all-star climate story Tamesis Street, written by 30 authors including Bill Bryson, Joanne Harris, and Samira Ahmed!

Gift Book Club

3 children looking at a ShelterBox explorers magazine

ShelterBox Explorers is both fun and educational; the perfect Christmas present for kids aged 6-11.


3. ShelterBox Explorers, starting at £10

Buying Christmas presents for the little ones can often be a struggle. But what if you could buy an ethical, educational and FUN gift that is also life-changing for families around the world?

The lucky recipient will become a ShelterBox Explorer, traveling to countries where ShelterBox has responded, and learning about the communities you have helped us support worldwide. It’s the perfect gift for children aged 6-11!

Simply sign up for a £10 monthly donation and your little Explorer will get a children’s educational activity pack in the post every six weeks, packed full of puzzles, stickers, and fun!

Gift Explorers

Woman standing in front of a damaged home in Vanuatu

Christmas is a special time for all of us – a time for giving back. Now, more than ever before, we know the importance of being there for the people and the communities who need support the most.

By buying your Christmas gifts through ShelterBox, you are choosing to be there for families like Risa’s (pictured above) and provide a life-changing holiday gift. Thank you.


Top banner image: 4-year-old Locklin from Vanuatu with a kitchen set we provided to him and his mother, Shelley. Their home was destroyed after Cyclone Harold made landfall back in 2020.