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Flooding and volcanic activity

monday, july 30:

ShelterBox has been working closely with a local Rotary club in Russia's Krasnodar region to help families made homeless by flash floods that hit overnight in the first week of July.

Krasnodar Rotary club has helped the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) with needs assessments, transport, box logistics, translation and aid distribution.

'We have had great support from local Rotarians every step of the way from picking us up at the airport; to assisting with customs clearance; to providing volunteers, some from the Universal Peace Corps Federation, who helped set up the tents,' said Eva Doerr (DE), one of the SRT members.

Rotarian Evgeny Novoselov has shown enormous support for ShelterBox's work by being a key player in customs clearance and logistics; and Fedor Gladkiy is the Past President of Krasnodar Rotary club who provided accommodation for the Response Team. 

'It was a pleasure to stay at Fedor’s house for the duration of the deployment,' said SRT member Andrew Clouting (AU). 'We had the chance to understand Russian life a little better and the hospitality we have received has been huge. Thank you very much!'

The SRT collaborating with Rotary maximised ShelterBox's impact and enabled the quick and effective delivery of emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families in need.

'The coordination between Rotary and ShelterBox has been working out really well and the work we are doing is really beneficial for the people in the Krasnodar region,' said Rotarian Vladimir Martyshin. 'Considering that this is the first time ShelterBox is working in Russia we are making very good efforts.'

Many of the local Rotarians also gained field experience in humanitarian work and witnessed the benefits of aid for vulnerable families, one being Andrey Podpovetny:

'It was not only the first time for the Rotary Club of Krasnodar to cooperate with ShelterBox but also the first time for me to help with a 'hands on' approach after a disaster. The experience I gained from being in the affected regions together with the SRT was very important for me. I come from a business background: the benefit of the aid for the families in greatest need is not comparable with its cost. The whole experience of cooperating with ShelterBox showed me that together we can influence!'

54-year-old Tatjana is one of the 150 families who received a ShelterBox. She lost her husband and son within the last five years:

'Since then I had been living by myself, isolated from the community. The flash floods made me realise how important relationships and support from others really is for a person, even though the disaster has done a lot of harm to our community. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the help I have received from ShelterBox.'

This collaboration between ShelterBox and Rotary highlights why ShelterBox became Rotary International's first project partner last March. By building on both organisations' strengths, they both can bring relief, shelter and dignity to disaster survivors worldwide as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

'I am very happy that I got the opportunity to go out to Krymsk together with the SRT,' said Rotarian Andrey Emarlukov. 'It was an honor for me to work with ShelterBox and be able to help people in need. I am proud of the Rotary Club Krasnodar to having established such a close relationship with ShelterBox.'

Krasnodar Rotary club's incredible fundraising efforts for ShelterBox means they will cover all transport and distribution costs inside Russia for the deployment, maximising donors money to be spent directly on aid.

A total of 150 ShelterBoxes have been distributed to those families most vulnerable, giving them the right to dignity as they rebuild their damaged homes.

The team has returned home and the deployment is complete.

tuesday, july 24:

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been distributing essential lifesaving aid to families in need living in flood-hit southern Russia.

Elvira and her son Stas were the first family to receive a ShelterBox. They were forced to take refuge on the roof of their home when flash floods hit Nizhnebakanskaya in the night. They waited for four hours fearing for their lives when one of their neighbours saved them.

'The moment I handed over my first Shelterbox to a family in need was really touching,' said SRT member Eva Doerr (DE). 'Words were not necessary to sense Elvira's gratitude. Her home was completely destroyed by the floodwaters. When we gave her the box and put up her tent she hugged us showing her appreciation.'

Lisanova is an 84-year old woman who did not want to leave her damaged home. She is so happy that she has been given a ShelterBox as it means she can live on her land as her house is rebuilt.

'It was amazing speaking to Lisanova,' said SRT member Andrew Clouting (AU). 'She couldn't believe it when she found out I had come all the way from Australia and Eva from Germany to help the people in Russia. I am proud to be part of ShelterBox who truly makes a difference to displaced families' lives.'

'Everyday has been really unique because we have met some very special families that have been really thankful for our work and were in great need of assistance,' said Eva.

One family wrote a note to ShelterBox that stated: 'A deep bow to you and hearty gratitude from all of our family for your help.'

Volunteers from EMERCOM, Russia's national disaster management agency, and from Kuban Spas, the Russian community based search and rescue organisation, have been helping the SRT deliver aid. 

A total of 73 ShelterBoxes to date have been distributed to families in the badly affected areas of Krymsk, Armyanskoe and Nizhnebakanskaya, bringing them shelter, warmth and dignity.

Flooding hit the Krasnodar region overnight, claiming the lives of 171 people and displacing thousands more.

friday, july 20:

Dedzhenie is an elderly lady who lives in Nizhnebakanskaya, a small village near Krymsk in southern Russia. When the rain did not stop, water levels rose trapping her in her home. She feared for her life until a young man saw her distressed. He broke through one of her windows and saved her dragging her out. Luckily she has her life but with her home damaged from the waters pouring into her house, she now has nowhere to live.

This is just one of many stories the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has heard from displaced families whilst assessing the need for aid in the Krasnodar region, following the worst floods the world's largest country has ever experienced.

Reports say Krymsk and the surrounding area are the worst affected, where many people were caught unaware of waters pouring into their homes in the middle of the night.

The deputy mayor of Dedzhenie's village has requested emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for 43 families who have had their homes marred by the floodwaters. ShelterBoxes will enable them to live in dignity as they rebuild their houses.

ShelterBox always needs local partners to bring families shelter, warmth and dignity in the quickest and most effective way. The SRT has been working closely with Krasnodar Rotary Club, which has been invaluable in assisting with needs assessments, transportation, contacts and logistics.

Russian national disaster management agency EMERCOM and community based search and rescue organisation Kuban Spas have also been central to ShelterBox's response.

'ShelterBox will be working with the community and government agencies in Russia to help facilitate the rebuilding of the communities surrounding Krymsk affected by the devastating floodwaters,' said SRT member Andrew Clouting (AU).

'The works planned will help these families rebuild their lives and hopefully allow them to move forward with their lives.'

SRT member Eva Doerr (DE) is on her first deployment:

'Today was the first day for me of actually seeing and meeting families that have lost everything due to a disaster. Hearing the individual stories of the people affected, like the one of Dedzhenie, makes me realize the actual impact ShelterBox has on their lives.

'This is the first time ShelterBox has deployed to Russia. The Rotary Club of Krasnodar has been a great help for us. Their preparations made our progress today possible.'

Rotarians are often ShelterBox's first point of contact on the ground following a disaster and provide vital assistance to Response Teams. Read more about ShelterBox's Project Partnership with Rotary here

monday, july 16:

Torrential rains caused flash floods to sweep across southern Russia, forcing many families to leave their homes and take refuge in trees or on rooftops.

As much as 280 millimetres of water fell on parts of the Krasnodar region in one night, the meteorological service reported.

Thousands of homes in the area have been shown completely submerged on Russian TV. Further reports say that at least 171 people have lost their lives, many being asleep at the time of the disaster.

1,000 families (3,500 people) are considered to be the worst affected by the floods, according to the assessment conducted by the Russian Red Cross.

Information from local Rotarians report that 400 houses are completely destroyed and a further 11,000 homes are damaged. They will not be rebuilt quickly. In response to a direct request for 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents, ShelterBox is deploying a Response Team to conduct a final assessment and oversee distribution.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Eva Doerr (DE) is heading on her first deployment with experienced team leader Andrew Clouting (AU):

'It is a nice feeling to know that I now get the chance to help families in need that have been affected by the flooding in southern Russia. Andrew and I will be flying into Krasnodar, a region close to the most affected areas, in order to get a picture of the situation and assess how far ShelterBox can help those in need.'

The 150 ShelterBoxes have been ear-marked to be given to families whose home is badly damaged and uninhabitable, but not destroyed, ensuring them security of their property and enabling to commence repair work and start rebuilding their lives.

'As a Speaker for the German ShelterBox Affiliate I am aware of how much it takes to fund one ShelterBox,' said Eva. 'As an SRT member I am now responsible for delivering your commitment and engagement. That is what makes ShelterBox special – transparent and trustworthy. I am excited about doing the most for the most.' back