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Flooding, landslides & cholera outbreak grip Nepal

ShelterBox team en route following large scale flooding

ShelterBoxes reach communities in Nepal

Response teams reach cut off communities affected by floods and landslides

Preventing the spread of Ebola in West Africa

Government and medical charities offered ShelterBox aid

Helping Syria’s ‘lost generation’

ShelterBox school equipment in Aleppo classrooms


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ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

If there are families in need of emergency shelter, ShelterBox does everything it can to help them rebuild their lives.

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Green boxes mark a new start for families in Nepal Green boxes mark a new start for families in Nepal

ShelterBoxes provide hope for Nepal’s remote communities

Typhoon Haiyan remembered Typhoon Haiyan remembered

Moving out of the recovery phase