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What happened?

In early 2020, torrential rain caused flash flooding across the south-east regions of Tanzania, sweeping away villages and damaging the farmland in its path. 

Thousands of families saw their homes severely damaged or completely washed away.

The disaster forced them to move to resettlement camps on higher ground.

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Flat lay of the tools and materials in an emergency shelter kit

How did ShelterBox help?

Through our partnership with IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross), we supported families in Tanzania with shelter kits and solar lights

The flooding stripped the land, leaving families with nothing to rebuild their homes with. Our shelter kits helped people build sturdy homes so they could start to rebuild their lives and recover from this disaster.

The aid also helped families follow social distancing guidelines and protect themselves from coronavirus.

The ShelterBox team, for the first time, delivered remote training to a small team of Tanzanian Red Cross (TRSC) and IFRC staff and volunteers on the best use of the kit we supplied.

The training involved basic principles of emergency structures, including anchors, bracing, and foundations.

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