We are responding in Somalia to help people forced from their homes by drought. This was caused by consecutive failed rainy seasons.

Drought is causing people to move in search of water and food. It has also led to increasing food prices. Conflict in some areas of Somalia is also forcing people from their homes. Although some rains arrived in 2023, they fell on drought hardened ground and caused flash flooding.

Map showing localtion of Somalia
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Map showing the location of Somalia

Where is Somalia?

Somalia is on the eastern coast of Africa, as part of the Horn of Africa. It shares borders in the west with Dijibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. The coast looks over the Arabian sea.

The climate in Somalia is typically hot, with periodic Monsoon winds and rain. Somalia is classified as the second most at risk country to climate change in the world. Changes in weather patterns have seen increasing droughts, periods of flooding and locust swarms.

Woman smiling against a red background in Somalia

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