Urgent Appeal: Pakistan Flooding

We are responding to severe flooding in Pakistan.

Please donate today to provide emergency shelter for families affected by disasters around the world.

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Severe monsoon flooding in Pakistan has left thousands of people with nowhere to live. The disaster has affected more than 33 million people.

The sheer scale of the flooding is disastrous – people’s homes have sunk in flood water or been swept away. Around 1 million houses have been damaged or destroyed, leaving behind millions in need of urgent shelter.

A ShelterBox response team is in Pakistan working to support thousands of people left with nowhere to live.

The first of our aid has arrived in Pakistan. Aid includes tents, water filters and carriers, mosquito nets, and solar lights.

Please donate today. Your support will provide emergency shelter for families affected by flooding in Pakistan and other disasters around the world.

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Where is Pakistan?

Pakistan is located in South Asia. It borders with India, China, Afghanistan and Iran.

Pakistan has a varied climate and geography, with vast mountain ranges in the north, an area of desert in the west and the Indus River plain in the centre.

Communities in Pakistan have suffered from severe flooding many times in the past. Most notably, the 2011 floods happened as people were still trying to recover from the 2010 monsoon floods that affected 18 million people.

map of Pakistan

We are responding

Our initial emergency response will support thousands of people in Sindh with tents and household items. Now that our aid is in-country, we’ll be delivering training on how to use our equipment and tents.

For our second project, we are planning to help thousands more people with cash assistance. Cash empowers local communities to make choices about hiring skilled labour and the materials they need to rebuild their homes. It will be distributed alongside household items provided by Islamic Relief.

Please donate today. Your support will provide emergency shelter for families affected by disaster around the world.

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