We are responding in Mozambique to support people who have been forced from their homes by conflict.

This is one of the world’s fastest growing displacement crises. We have been responding in Mozambique since 2021.

Previously we supported people without shelter in Mozambique in 2013 due to flooding, and 2017 after Cyclone Dineo.

Mozambique map illustration

Where is Mozambique?

Mozambique is on the southeastern coast of Africa. It shares borders with Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania to the north. To the west is Zimbabwe, South Africa and Eswatini. To the east is the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique has a tropical climate. It typically experiences one wet and one dry season a year. There have been intensifying cyclones, storms and flooding. These are thought to be a result of the climate crisis. 

Our response in Mozambique

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Portrait of a woman wearing a red and orange head scarf

Mozambique conflict

Read about the ongoing conflict in Mozambique and see how we’re helping.

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Woman standing among crops holding a hoe in Mozambique

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