Up to 1.7 million people are currently displaced in Gaza. That’s over 80% of the population. They have no choice but to stay in community buildings, makeshift shelters or out in the open.

There is severe overcrowding and disease is spreading. Many of the people who had fled their homes had travelled to Rafah. Now 100,000 people have been ordered to evacuate the city. People who have already been displaced now face having to move again, and there is no where safe to go.

We previously responded in Gaza in 2015 to support people displaced by conflict.

Map showing location of Gaza

Where is Gaza?

The Gaza strip is in western Asia. To the north and east it is bordered by Israel. Egypt can be found to the south. The western border faces on to the Mediterranean Sea.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated pieces of land on Earth. 2.3 million people live on the narrow strip of land, measuring 141sq miles (41km long / 10km wide). Since 7 October 2023, 80% of homes here have been damaged or destroyed. It is thought the Gaza may be vulnerable to climate change, particularly through rising sea levels.


Our response in Gaza

People holding belongings in the street in Gaza

Gaza conflict

ShelterBox will be responding to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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