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World politics has failed the people of Syria. Will you help them?

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Turkey has launched an offensive in north-eastern Syria. As warplanes bomb parts of the region and tanks arrive at the border, families just like ours face even more suffering.  

We’re working with our trusted partners in Syria, to support families caught up in the latest fighting in the north east. But it’s not enough. Please donate now and support people affected by conflict and disaster in Syria and beyond.

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What happened?

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"I wish that our country would become safe again"

Syrian girl in red headscarf

Mustafa lost everything to the war in Syria“Before the crisis, I was working on my own business. Now life has changed completely, and job opportunities went low because of the war. During the crisis in Syria we became homeless and now have nothing”.

Mustafa’s house was destroyed by the bombings and his children could no longer go to school, losing their education. Fortunately for the family, the children have been able to return to school near the camp where they now live.

“We are settling in the camp for the time being, because we have no other place to go. My children go to school that is around 300 m far away”, said Mustafa.

Working with our partners, Bahar, we supported Mustafa’s family with emergency shelter including a family tent, six mattresses, six blankets, water carriers, solar lights, plastic sheeting, a kitchen set, and children’s clothes.

Help us reach more family’s like Mustafa’s today. Donate now.  

What is happening in Syria?

It started out as a peaceful protest, with public demonstrations calling for democratic reforms. But the peaceful demonstrations were met by swift government opposition, eventually giving way to a brutal war.

Today the conflict is complex and violent. But one thing remains constant; Syria’s civilians continue to pay the price.

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