Providing heaters in Syria

In 2017, we distributed 1,000 kersosene heaters to families in Syria

We have been working to help those affected by the Syria crisis since civil unrest first took hold in 2012.

In a desperate bid to keep warm, families have been building their own heaters out of old oil drums; cutting a hole in the top and lighting a fire in the base. These homemade heaters are hugely dangerous, not only because of the open flame – but because it exposes people to harmful pollutants, especially in small enclosed spaces such as makeshift shelters.

In response we provided 1,000 kerosene heaters in 2017. The heaters have a closed flame, fewer emissions and are far more efficient in producing heat.

Our in country partner, Hand in Hand for Syria, also helped us to distribute nearly 3,000 winter shelter kits to families in need in 2017.

These shelter kits include tools and materials to help families weatherproof their damaged homes, as well as extra blankets, coats, hats and scarfs so they can wrap up warm.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, families are being rescued from the depths of winter and being brought warmth, comfort and hope.

But we must do more. Fighting, armed forces and sudden gunfire attacks are still forcing entire communities to flee to emergency camps, many of which are now full to the brim.

Learn more about the current situation in Syria and how we are helping.

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