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Every day, homes are torn apart by disaster, conflict and climate catastrophe. Right now, this is the reality for thousands of people. For people who have lost everything, items others take for granted such as warm clothes and blankets, become a necessity.

ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and aid essentials at times of disaster and conflict. Help us be there for people who have lost everything by donating today.

Facing winter in a Syrian camp

Two year old Ftim, featured in our banner image, lives in a displacement camp with her siblings Rahma (aged 3) and Marwa (also aged 2), as well as her father. He was asked about the difficulties of raising a family in the camp, and how ShelterBox’s aid has helped.

He said, “It is difficult to be a father in a camp because the conditions are difficult and you have to provide for the needs of the children. The children loved the new clothes and colours, especially the jacket. I am very happy that they got winter clothes, I hope that my children will have a better future and get what they need.”

For children in Syrian displacement camps, winter clothes and jackets help them stay warm in the bitterly cold temperatures. It also allows them to play outside, bringing some joy and normality to a childhood disrupted by conflict.

A donation today can help ShelterBox be there for other families like Ftim’s and bring some happiness to people who have lost everything through conflict or disaster.

Please donate now

Man with three children wearing warm winter clothes in a Syrian displacement camp
Ftim with her father, and siblings Marwa and Rahma

These items are representative of the type of aid we are supplying to Syria, and other locations affected by cold temperatures. Aid items, designs and models may vary.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will go to our general fund, which will help families in Syria and around the world.

We believe that the best way for us to be impactful is by staying flexible, and it is essential that we have funds available to support people affected by conflict and disasters around the world. Donations to our general fund allow us to be able to respond to help people without shelter, wherever the need is greatest.

Donate now

When your home’s been destroyed through conflict or disaster, the basic things in life become the most important. Help communities to receive the bare essentials this winter.

Please donate today.

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