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By raising the amount it costs to provide typical packages of emergency aid items, you’ll make sure we’re ready to help those who’ve lost their homes to disaster.

Our pre-positioned stock enabled us to provide tents quickly in Türkiye, and emergency aid to people affected by the earthquake in Morocco. With the partnership of Rotary members on the ground, we were able to support families with the shelter aid needed to start their recovery.

Now we need your Rotary club’s help as we prepare and re-stock our five warehouses around the world, so we can support even more families affected by the next disaster.

Woman sitting in the entrance of a tent in Morocco
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Yamna, aged 75, was the first to receive our aid package after the devastating earthquake in Morocco destroyed her home. Her tent was from our pre-positioned stock in Dubai.

How Does It Work?

We know that Rotarians often like getting hands-on, packing aid boxes to help communities near and far. Stock the Box builds on this practical service with clubs filling their own virtual Shelter Box:

  1. Simply sign up and choose the emergency aid items you wish to use as your fundraising target from the bundles of aid below.
  2. Carry out your club fundraising, adding items to your virtual box and making use of our fundraising materials.
  3. When you’ve completed stocking your virtual box, send in your donation and we’ll celebrate your hard work by sending you a thank you letter and putting your donation to good use.

You may choose to carry out fundraising towards items each month, or have a big push, it’s entirely up to you.

Begin by adding one of the three types of shelter to your fundraising target:

White ShelterBox dome tent with price of £425

The iconic ShelterBox fome tent

White and blue tent with £425 price

The semi-permanent UN family tent

Shelter kit contains including bag, tools and tarpaulin with £65 price

The adaptable Shelter Kits with two large heavy-duty tarpaulins and tools

Now add any of the following Disaster Kit Bundles:

Each bundle of kit represents the items we typically provide in different disasters and their associated costs. Every situation is different, so when the next disaster strikes, your support will mean that we can provide what is needed most.

Tropical storms emergency kit contents

Tropical Storms Kit

Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons can devastate coastal communities. As well as essential household items, this package includes additional heavy-duty tarpaulins and rope. These enable families to strap down broken roofs or build a whole new shelter.

Items in a severe flooding kit

Severe Flooding Kit

Rising water can wash away homes and whole livelihoods in a short space of time. Getting people safe and warm is vital, so water filters and carriers, along with these other items ensure floods don’t take even more lives once they have receded.

Items in earthquakes disaster kit


As shocks devastate whole regions, affected communities often prefer to stay in a tent after the trauma of an earthquake. Blankets, mattresses, solar lights, a kitchen set and water filter help families survive and recover a sense of home and normality again.

Shelter Warmth Kit

When temperatures drop, this kit helps people to survive the bitter cold after disaster. Tarpaulins keep out icy winds and enough mattresses, blankets and mats for a family of five mean that everyone stays warm and well over the winter months.

Family in Pakistan with added green circle with £80 in white inside
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Ghulam’s family were recipients of our cash grant scheme in Pakistan. They bought much needed food, clothes for the winter and invested in a hand pump. “We bought goats, as we lost all of them in the floods. We will use the goats we have now to start a business and meet our needs.”

Add Multi-purpose cash

By providing cash to families alongside our other items, we enable people to choose the extra materials and support they need to rebuild their homes and their lives. Adding cash also means local tradespeople can start doing business again – kickstarting the local economy.

Giving people a choice can help them feel a sense of dignity, a powerful step towards believing a normal life is possible again.

Download these resources to get started


All of the bundles and aid items with the costs included. Useful to keep fundraising momentum going in club meetings with information about the bundles and items, along with quotes from disaster affected families.

Download Here

This warehouse map shows where we keep our pre-positioned stock around the world, along with the planned stock levels for each.

Download warehouse map

Stock the Box 2024

Stock The Box – frequently asked questions

Can we still fundraise during a disaster?

We appreciate all the fantastic support we receive during times of disaster, so please do keep fundraising for them. We also need your help in the times in-between as this crucial preparation work ensures we’re ready for the next response, wherever and whenever it may be.

Can we stock our virtual box with just one type of item?

How you go about your fundraising is very much up to you. We have provided the bundles of emergency aid to help show what types of items are used in different responses and how much they cost. If you wish to fundraise for the cost of five shelter kits instead, or for a different mixture of items, then that’s completely ok.

Will our donation be used to provide the items we have selected?

Whilst we regularly supply all of the items in the aid packages described in Stock the Box, we can’t guarantee that we will provide the exact items you have selected in the next disaster. Your support will contribute to our future responses as part of our General Fund, as it is essential that we provide the right emergency aid items to support those affected by different disasters.

Will we know where in the world our fundraising will be used?

Your Stock the Box support will contribute to our future responses as part of our General Fund. We believe that the best way for us to have the greatest impact is by staying flexible, and it is essential that we have emergency aid items and funds available to support those affected by disasters all around the world.

Will you be sending actual ShelterBoxes?

Our iconic green box has been with us for over 20 years, and remains part of our identity. Today, we do so much beyond the box, and most aid packages are not transported in the box itself. Stock the Box puts the focus on our different aid bundles and ultimately, the people we are aiming to support. So, when the next disaster strikes, we will be providing the right aid package that’s needed on the ground, with, or without a box.

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