ShelterBox CEO responds to PM's COP27 U-turn

Rishi Sunak has announced he will attend the climate summit

2 November 2022

Statement - 2 November 2022

A statement from ShelterBox CEO, Sanj Srikanthan.

“The UK has been a leader on climate issues in the past and it can be again. The first step to achieving that is showing up when it matters.

“The Prime Minister has made the right choice in reversing his decision on attending the climate summit.

“With his commitment to tackling the climate crisis being heavily scrutinised the world over, Rishi Sunak now must turn up and mean business. Clear resolve, strong leadership, and bold action is needed more than ever.

“Providing emergency shelter to help people facing climate disasters now, supporting climate vulnerable communities against future disasters, and working together with leaders around the world must be prioritised.

“The UK Government owes it to every generation to make courageous decisions and take urgent action to slow down the impact of climate change.”

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