Shine for ShelterBox

in your restaurant, cafe or bar

Shine for ShelterBox is the perfect way to reach out to your community, introduce them to your business whilst supporting disaster affected communities around the world.

This winter, we invite you to be part of Shine for ShelterBox, to involve your colleagues and guests to raise money for solar lights, emergency shelter and other essential items for families affected by disaster.

Family meals help to provide the framework for everyday life and establish a sense of normality. As winter brings shorter days and darker nights,  solar lights help families to re-establish their normal routines like cooking and eating dinner together.

Whether you run an exclusive eatery or a brilliant community pub, we’d love you to be part of Shine for ShelterBox in 2020.

How we support you

  • Publicity materials: posters, leaflets and invites
  • ShelterBox branded donation boxes
  • Mention on our social media
  • Book a ShelterBox speaker
  •  Provide solar lights and other aid items (option 3 only)
  • PR support opportunities

Yolanda from Peru

Solar lights are vital for cooking and eating at night, especially if it gets dark early.

In Peru, solar lights helped families affected by mudslides [caused by torrential rain in 2017] to set up a community kitchen. Different people would take turns to cook meals and the community would get together to talk and eat.  

Today’s menu is rice, beans, fried beef with peppers and onions, and a spicy sauce that is made of rocoto chillies with aubergine and sour cream” – Yolanda

People don’t have plates or places to eat, so they come here, and we sit together” – Lucita


A group of women cooking in a community kitchen in Peru

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