ShelterBox immersive leadership training

Our sector leading two and a half day leadership development programme

What will you do?

Led by our renowned learning & development team, participants will undertake an experiential programme of activities over two and a half days that will seek to embed the key behavioural competencies we use within our response team training for challenging disaster response environments.

The tasks and challenges are both cerebral and physical and take place in all weather conditions. Just like our disaster response teams, you will need to be prepared for all eventualities, sudden changes in plans and using your skills to adapt to the next challenge placed in front of you.

Although I never actually left Cornwall during the training course, I feel I got a tiny taste of what it’s like to go on a deployment. And while I hadn’t expected the course to be as immersive and situational as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Carla Sateriale – Rotaract

What will you learn?

Whilst we can promise an exciting, fun and challenging few days, you will also leave having been provided personal feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement against our competency framework.

Watch our Response Team volunteers talking about how our training helped them not only prepare for deployment but also maximise their impact in the workplace.

You will develop a nuanced understanding of how teams, big and small, work effectively in pressured conditions, forming strong bonds with other leaders from all sectors through this experience. Everything you take away from the course is designed to be directly translated back into how you work within your organisation.

There were also a lot of relevant lessons that came from the activities on the course which are applicable to everyday life, and I would say anyone who seeks to develop their leadership skills would learn and grow during the course.

Carla Sateriale – Rotaract


Duration: 2.5 days / 2 nights

Attendees: 15/20 people

Location: Cornwall

Dates: Currently suspended due to COVID. Back in Autumn 2022.

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