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Give shelter to people in disaster zones

Elaf and Solaf only know a life overshadowed by danger. Their family fled the conflict in Syria, losing their home and possessions.

Now, they live in an overcrowded camp that lacks basic hygiene and where diseases spread easily. One of their parents’ biggest worries is how to protect their family in the freezing cold winter months ahead. They desperately want to keep their children safe and healthy. Please act now. Families in countries like Syria, Ukraine and Pakistan need your help. Your gift today could protect a vulnerable family, providing aid items like thermal blankets, water filters – or materials to weatherproof their shelter. Thank you.

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Why support ShelterBox?

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in emergency shelter after disaster. We often work in places that others don’t, making sure that we reach families who need support to take the next step in resuming their livelihoods.

From Cameroon to Syria, all the way to the Philippines and the Caribbean, we have provided shelter to over 2 million people so far. And in these uncertain times, your support is more valuable than ever.

We won’t stop until we see a world where no one goes without shelter after disaster. Will you help us?

Green ShelterBox containing emergency shelter and essential aid items

How your money is spent

Young children playing in Nepal

With the help of amazing supporters like you, we’re working hard to provide emergency shelter for vulnerable families around the world who have lost their homes after disaster.

Take a look at:

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Mohammed's story

Imagine your home getting bombed and destroyed twice. What would you do in order to protect your children?

Mohammed decided to flee the devastating conflict in Syria in search of a safer place for his family.

They had been living in an unfurnished room in a building for four months when we first met them.

We supported Mohammed’s family with the aid items his family needed. Mattresses to sleep comfortably, solar lights to help them move around in the dark, and warm clothes for the cold nights.

Read Mohammed’s story

children playing outside their tent at a refugee camp in Syria