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ShelterBoots: Dedicated Dave raises £11,500 for ShelterBox

Dave Foster walks more than 400 miles across England and Wales to raise money for ShelterBox.

19 February 2024

ShelterBoots: Dedicated Dave raises £11,500 for ShelterBox

Press release – 14 February

A retired vicar from Worcestershire has raised over £11,500 for the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox, walking more than 400 miles across England and Wales.

Starting off in Lowestoft, the easternmost point of England, Dave Foster covered an impressive 425 miles hiking to St Davids, the westernmost top of Wales, to raise funds for people affected by conflict and disaster across the world.

Talking about his epic challenge, Dave, 69, says: “It’s a walk I’ve wanted to do for a while, and as I retired last year, I thought it was finally the time to do it.

“I also wanted to make an impact and give something back with the free time I now have. I’ve been a supporter of ShelterBox for many years and have always admired the work it does around the world, providing people with shelter when they have lost their homes. It seemed the obvious fit and ‘ShelterBoots’ really writes itself.”

On his six-week hike, Dave trekked through beautiful countryside, battled overgrown footpaths and when no other accommodation was available, even spent some nights wild-camping in remote locations.

Dave first learnt about ShelterBox through his membership to the Rotary Club of Evesham, an organisation that works closely with the charity as an official partner.

Dave continues: “Wild camping was something I’ve not done much of for years, and I was blessed with warm weather and decent equipment.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who have been forced to flee their homes in terrifying situations, leaving everything they know and own behind. ShelterBox supports people around the world who have been left without shelter, and with very little essentials to stay alive.”

ShelterBox provides emergency shelter, and simple items like blankets, solar lights and kitchen equipment, to people who have been left without shelter after disaster or conflict. By tailoring each response, the charity ensures people receive the aid they need for the situation they are faced with.

Fiona Turner, Rotary Engagement Officer at ShelterBox, says: “We are so impressed by Dave’s epic fundraiser, and so grateful for his support and the funds he has raised. £11,500 is an incredible amount of money and it will make a huge impact.

“We rely heavily on public donations and without our supporters like Dave, who give up their time to fundraise, we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do.

“We understand that ‘ShelterBoots 2025’ is already in the planning stages, and we can’t wait to hear what Dave’s next challenge will be!”

ShelterBox currently has 12 active responses across the world and has launched an urgent fundraising appeal as it confirms responding in Gaza. Working alongside Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), the charity is set to support thousands of people with emergency shelter aid to help people survive wet and cold weather, and items like blankets, mattresses, and kitchen sets.

ShelterBox is also supporting people affected by severe drought and conflict in Ethiopia and Somalia, and has projects running in Chad, Cameroon, Pakistan and Yemen.

People wishing to find out more about fundraising for ShelterBox and how to get involved can visit:



For more information contact the press office at ShelterBox via [email protected].


Notes to Editors

  • Interviews available with Dave Foster, and Fiona Turner at ShelterBox.
  • Images and captions included. The Gaza photo must be credited to Mohammed Zaanoun.
  • Dave Foster has created a short film with footage from his journey – ShelterBoots The Movie