Typhoon Nalgae in the Philippines

We supported over 1200 families in the Philippines after Typhoon Nalgae caused widespread devastation in October 2022

What happened?

ShelterBox responded in the Philippines after Typhoon Nalgae, known locally as Paeng, affected nearly 6 million people.

The storm hit the Philippines on 28 October 2022, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. The torrential rains triggered flash flooding and landslides, damaging over 63,000 homes.

We worked closely with local partner, IRDT, to provide emergency shelter and essential items to over 1200 families. Aid items included things like shelter kits, solar lights, mosquito nets, blankets and tool kits.

Man in facemask carries shelterbox aid on shoulder in the philippines

Typhoon Nalgae’s Path

Typhoon Nalgae was the 16th tropical storm to affect the Philippines in 2022

It made landfall five times as it moved west-northwest through the country, causing devastation in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The storm affected nearly the entire country, leaving damaged buildings and destroyed livelihoods in its wake.

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