Flooding in Peru

In 2017, families in Peru lost their homes and livelihoods to flooding. See how we supported families on the road to recovery.

In March 2017, intense rains caused widespread flooding and landslides in Peru, leaving 94 dead and around 1.2 million exposed to the elements.

Thousands of families were without even basic shelter, losing their homes and their livelihoods.

Even after floodwaters had receded, thousands of families were unable to return home. Families stayed in self-settled camps, but there had been several safety concerns. In addition, people suffered from an increase in malaria and dengue outbreaks.

ShelterBox supported families with shelter kits, mosquito nets and solar lights. Your support enabled us to deliver aid tailored to what families needed the most.

Houses were full of thick mud. Many houses built from less substantial materials had simply been destroyed.

Tim Vile – Response Team Member

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Families left vulnerable

ShelterBox Response Team Member, Tim Vile, was part of our team in Peru, visiting some of the worst affected areas. Speaking to families, he found out how difficult the situation was for them.

‘The only dry area was the embanked main road. I met a family who was living on the verge which was only about 2 meters wide at best. Without shelter from the sun or rains, they were trying to live, eat and sleep on this narrow strip sandwiched between busy traffic and stagnant stinking water. With genuine tears, they told me that they had not had drinking water for some days. They had to kill 2 snakes with the constant threat of more.

‘The smell was a combination of congealing river mud and stagnant water. It was the first thing you noticed on arrival and lingered long after you were gone. However, I am reminded that to the affected people the smell is the least of their immediate concerns.’

Families affected by flooding in Peru

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