We are partnered with Croudace Homes Group.

Since 2015, we have been helping them to achieve their goals for being a responsible business and a caring employer.

A distinctive feature of the partnership is Croudace’s December pledge campaign where the company commits to giving a gift for every home sold. Croudace also benefits from content and stories about how their support is having an impact and staff participate in some of our more adventurous challenges like the Wild West Challenge.

We were looking for a cause that was at the heart of what we do as a business and ShelterBox fits perfectly.

Paula Parsons, Corporate Affairs Manager, Croudace Homes


Paula Parsons – Corporate Affairs Manager

Why did you choose ShelterBox?

We selected ShelterBox because there is a great fit and alignment between our organisations.

Croudace is a well-established residential developer delivering quality homes backed up by first class customer service. We strive to be a responsible business—something that is driven from the top down by the company owners—and were looking for a cause that was at the heart of what we do as a business and ShelterBox fit perfectly.

This was around the time of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and we were all motivated by the scenes of devastation. ShelterBox are incredibly responsive when disaster does strike, they help in cases of human suffering, where families have lost everything and they’re equitable, paying no heed to religion or anything like that, just whoever needs help the most. We felt they were perfectly aligned with our values and who we are as a business.

How has Croudace Homes benefitted?

We think part of being a responsible business involves being a caring employer and indeed, we’ve been consistently recognised by sector press for our investment in apprentices and graduates in particular. Our partnership with ShelterBox helps us achieve this. It demonstrates to future staff what we’re all about as a company and an employer. Existing staff benefit, for example, from access to engaging and unique events that ShelterBox are a part of, like the Wild West Challenge and the London Triathlon.

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